Benefits of CBD Oils

The Cannabis plant contains over 100 different substances known as cannabinoids, which can be extracted for various uses. Unlike THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), there is no psychoactive property in CBD. This means individuals will not experience a “high” from using products containing this substance. No evidence is there of any potential dependence or abuse; additionally, CBD oil is not known to be linked to any serious side effects.

The CBD oil available on the market is typically mixed with hemp seed oil, coconut oil or another oil that is referred to as an inert carrier oil. Known as a tincture, the bottled oil is available in a variety of concentrations. In addition, there are other products that include under-the-tongue CBD sprays, CBD gummies and you can even use CBD oil in a diffuser. Depending on the area in which you live, there are some brands that have in trace quantities of THC. It is believed that the CBD oil has the capacity to reduce anxiety, treat pain and stimulate appetite. Additionally, CBD has shown some promise as a treatment for certain kinds of seizures.

Highlighted below are some conditions for which CBD oil has shown promise as a treatment, based on a number of scientific studies:

Arthritis Pain

Based on reports from the Arthritis Foundation, roughly 300,000 children and 54 million Americans are afflicted with arthritis or another type of rheumatic disease that results in joint pain. The most debilitating and precarious symptoms suffered by individuals afflicted with the condition include stiffness, pain and reduced movement in the joints. All of these can worsen over time and become chronic. Additionally, there are other troublesome symptoms like depression and anxiety that can result from prolonged arthritis pain. In addition to this, it can become particularly frustrating when individuals are contending with other medical conditions that typically coexist with arthritis, such as obesity, diabetes and heart disease. CBD oil can potentially be used to alleviate the negative effects of arthritis.

Among the main benefits of CBD oil for sufferers of arthritis is its positive effect on pain, as confirmed by various studies. In December 2017, a study was published in Pain, which, as suggested by the name, is an official journal of the IASP or the International Association for the Study of Pain. The study evaluated whether CBD could be used as a prevention for joint neuropathy and osteoarthritis pain. Based on the results, the scientists acknowledged that CBD oil actually has a positive effect on pain. This is because it has proven to reduce joint inflammation and it also serves to protect the nerves from becoming depleted.

Other Types of Chronic Pain

CBD oil has also been proven to bring relief for chronic pains. For example, Therapeutics and Clinical Risk Management published a study, which shows that cannabinoids have been useful in easing pain for people diagnosed with conditions like cancer and multiple sclerosis. Other research has shown positive effects for persons taking CBD to alleviate their fibromyalgia pain.

Depression and Anxiety

CBD oil has proven to have a positive effect on mental health, such as reducing depression and anxiety. Findings from various studies have suggested that CBD oil is so effective in this regard that it is considered to have significant potential as a means of treating multiple disorders linked to depression and anxiety. There has also been a reduction in the symptoms of depression in individuals treated with the oil. This is tremendously essential as there is a large number of individuals whose daily lives are severely impacted by the symptoms of these conditions.